FLX products are specifically designed to complement the rigorous lifestyle of a ballerina or elite athlete, built to be portable, durable, and above all, effective.


Harnessing the power of elastic resistance, the Flexistretcher safely improves flexibility, while simultaneously strengthening the muscles as they stretch. Working with the Flexistretcher allows one to simulate dance-specific or sport-specific movement patterns concentrating on improvements in execution and mobility. Utilizing the elastic resistance the Flexistretcher increases muscle strength in a safe, productive manners. As the band stretches, resistance increases, providing a stimulus to the muscle. This resistance does not rely on gravity. Instead, training with elastic resistance provides a variable resistance throughout the stretch or exercise, eliminating the possibility of using momentum and "cheating" your way through the movement. Working against this resistance forces the muscle to respond with increased effort, which promotes the development of muscular growth, strength, and power.


Ballerina inspired elite performance wear



Leg Kicks to improve your Arabesque

April 23, 2014

FLX MASSAGE: Unlock tension, Increase flexibility, Build strength

April 21, 2014

To keep up the daily demands of the profession, dancers and athletes should implement a routine of rolling and self massage to keep the muscles supple and strong.  The FLX Massage Balls are the perfect portable self massage aid to help release tension in the lower leg and foot.

Brittany De Grofft, ABT     Photography, Renata Pavam     Location, Dream Downtown Hotel


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